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Here we would like to introduce you the bestselling products from our online store. You can observe bestselling products of various categories: from best-priced cigarettes to nice souvenirs. At the moment we offer cigarettes only. Later all the categories will be available. We provide a brief description to each of the selected product. You will find it very convenient to purchase bestselling products online from our store. Our site allows you to observe our bestsellers in the following way: during the loading, three images of our bestsellers appear at the page. Watch, cigars, perfume, alcohol...just choose the category of the bestselling products and watch the information about it. Buy our bestsellers online in order to save your time and enjoy high-quality bestselling products.


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Looking for the new products? This category presents you the latest additions of our online store. If you want to purchase up-to-date products of any category, please, visit our page, where new products are displayed. We are glad to introduce you the best fragrances at our online duty-free store. Feel free to browse through our wide selection of perfume brands.




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Nostalgia for smoking in France
Humanity entered a new epoch, which is more conscious from in respect to hygiene and health care. Process, which has begun in XIX century with extensive water purification, developed into struggle with smoking.
Smokers at the wheel are punished on Cyprus
Traffic police of Cyprus began to penalize drivers for smoking, eating or drinking at the wheel.
Duty Free. Dubai
Duty Free is situated in international airport in Dubai, the capital of UAE. The zone is not big. Here, one can purchase alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, perfumery and chocolate. Maximum importation in Dubai is four bottles of alcohol and 400 cigarettes per man.

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